WeylChem Wiesbaden GmbH

WeylChem Wiesbaden is the custom synthesis and granulation partner of choice, serving a range of markets.

Our highly experienced and flexible production team is deeply embedded in WeylChem’s broad technical and synthesis know-how.

From our Wiesbaden site, we produce Tetraacetylethylendiamine (TAED) and secondary alkane sulfonates (SAS) in various qualities and formulations, tailored to your requirements. We leverage our broad scientific and technological expertise combined with large, versatile production units, to support your innovations. 

Co-located with our state-of-the-art product development center, WeylChem Performance Products, we leverage our collective chemistry know-how and experience to find better solutions for our customers. 

Our sites are embedded in the industrial park Kalle-Albert in Wiesbaden, and benefit from the broad infrastructural services on-site. Situated on the Rhine river, with immediate connections to a nearby highway and the rail network, we can expedite the import and export of your goods. 


2014  Acquired by ICIG and WeylChem Wiesbaden GmbH founded 

1997  Foundation of the industrial park Kalle-Albert 

1997  Foundation of Clariant AG 

1989  Merger to Kalle-Albert Hoechst AG 

1974  Albert changes to Hoechst AG Albert 

1974  Kalle is a subsidiary of Hoechst AG 

1964  Majority of Albert Shares at Hoechst AG 

1953  Merger of Hoechst AG and Kalle 

1904  Kalle becomes a stock corporation 

1895  Albert becomes a stock corporation 

1863  Foundation of "Kalle" (Dyes) 

1858  Foundation of "Albert" (Fertilizer) 


Strong production with exceptional knowledge in technical and synthesis requirements
On-site product development through WeylChem Performance Products
Highly flexible granulation plant designed to deliver customer-focused solutions




ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
OHSAS 18001


WeylChem Wiesbaden GmbH

IP Kalle Albert, Building E 542 Kasteler Straße 45 65203 Wiesbaden
+49 – 611-962-5777

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