WeylClean® SAS

The degreasing classic: Strong and mild at once

WeylClean® SAS grades are versatile anionic surfactants with outstanding surface-active properties such as strong grease removal and excellent wetting behavior applicable to Home Care, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning, Technical Applications and Personal Care. They have a good ecotoxicological profile and show good dermatological and toxicological compatibility. WeylClean® SAS grades are produced by sulphoxidation of n-paraffin by the Hoechst light/water process and are environmentally friendly surfactants with very good biodegradability.

Strong grease removal
Excellent wetting & emulsification properties
Good soil particle removal

Home care

  • Manual Dishwashing
  • Hard surface cleaning

Fabric care

  • Liquid Detergents

Industrial and institutional cleaning

  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Institutional Cleaner


  • Car shampoo
  • Rim cleaner

Personal care

  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Cleansing formulations




WeylWeylClean® SAS 30

WeylClean® SAS 60

WeylClean® SAS 93

WeylClean® SAS 93 G


Secondary alkane sulphonate

Secondary alkane sulphonate

Secondary alkane sulphonate

Secondary alkane sulphonate


Pale yellowish aqueous solution

Yellowish soft paste

Yellowish waxy pellets

Yellowish waxy fine grain

Active content %

Approx. 30

Approx. 60

Approx. 93

Approx. 92

Sodium sulphate (%)

Max. 2.1

Max. 4.2

Max. 6.5

Max. 7.0

Paraffin (%)

Max. 0.4

Max. 0.7

Max. 1.0

Max. 1.0

Viscosity at 30°C (mPas)

Approx. 200

Approx. 7500




Approx. 1.042

Approx. 1.087



Bulk density (g/l)



Approx. 600

Approx. 570

pH at 20°C, 5% telquel





Recommended usage level (%)





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