Custom manufacturing
Custom manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Intelligently combined services ensure you benefit from efficient processes, reliability and tailor-made solution of the highest quality.

Your Partner

We build the foundation of perfectly executed custom manufacturing programs on partnership and collaboration.
With sites in Europe and the US, we are always close to you and the technologies we have mastered are available across our production facilities.
Striving to offer a service that goes beyond a production process, our:

  • Chemists work to improve process parameters
  • Engineers design and assemble the most resource-efficient plant
  • Safety and regulatory experts ensure your product is manufactured on-time, to the highest quality in full compliance with existing regulations
  • Project managers send regular updates, maintaining constant dialogue and transparency.


Our chemical plants can operate a wide array of chemical reactions, ensuring your complex products are in good hands.
We explore viable alternative synthetic pathways or invest in specific equipment in accordance with your needs to ensure that appropriate technology is always available.
All our sites have developed one or more key technologies for which they are recognized as market leaders. We operate them at all scales, from lab samples to pilot quantities up to full industrial volumes. Some of our key technologies are:

C2 Chemistry

Project Management

Communication and transparency are vital components of our partnership.

We use software tools to monitor the progress of your project from initial evaluation to development and implementation (pilot trial and first industrial campaign) phases through to commercial production. We maintain visibility throughout while striving to continuously improve processes.

Customers are welcome to pay a visit to our facilities at any stage and regular contact is maintained via a broad range of platforms, according to your needs.

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