Research & Development

We invite you to benefit from our well-equipped technical and analytical facilities in Europe and North America and to discuss your research requirements with WeylChem.

Depending on the industry, the market and particular customer requirements, we are open to contract or joint development programs.  

WeylChem's process and chemical development services support you in multidisciplinary teams to achieve genuinely scalable, cost-effective and robust processes and products.  

We look forward to your inquiries and together can scope out the type and scale of the cooperation which works best for you. 

Expertise in Development

Our research & development and business development teams consist of highly experienced scientists and technicians. Their combined decades of experience encompass a breadth of knowledge, particularly in complex and multi-stage chemical reactions, organic chemistry, oxidation catalysis, HI&I, industrial technologies and scale-up processes.  

We can help you bring your innovation to market.  

Research & Development: Micro reactor operation

Contract and Joint Development

Depending on the industry and type of product you are looking for, we work via joint development or contract R&D agreements.
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