Joint Development

WeylChem Performance Products and WeylChem Catexel have teams of highly experienced R&D and product development personnel, who can work with you to realize your product and application goals.

WeylChem Performance Products have extensive in-house testing facilities for the formulation of homecare and industrial and institutional cleaning products. With particular expertise in laundry and automatic dishwash formulations, we are ready to assist you in optimizing the performance of your product and its position in the market.  

WeylChem Catexel have a track record of bringing innovative technology to market in a range of industries, including raw cotton bleaching, industrial laundry, and water treatment. We focus on more efficient, cleaner, greener solutions for established industrial processes. We have market-leading expertise in transition metal-based oxidation catalysts and, coupled with your own understanding of the application, we can work together to bring novel technology to market. We invite you to discuss ideas for where our catalysts could be of interest.  

Our Key Capabilities

Experienced product development team
In-house testing facilities
Broad market and regulatory understanding


We can work with you in different ways, depending on what makes sense for your particular goals. Typically, we begin with an exchange of broad ideas; understanding your application and product development goals. Then, where appropriate, we undertake a confidentiality agreement so we can discuss, in detail the matter at hand. Typically, initial scouting tests can be carried out in our laboratories, followed by further tests by your product development team and optimization of the product at hand.  

Joint Development_Continuous cascade reactor

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