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Custom Manufacturing

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Custom Manufacturing is part of our service portfolio, understood as the manufacture of large quantities in a controlled, commercial process at the customer's request. WeylChem provides the development of chemical synthesis routes, upscaling capabilities from laboratory scale through pilot to mid-size and full-size commercial production with long-term experience in markets such as Agro, Pharma, Polymers and Pigments.

Contract Research & Development

Research and development turns innovation into economic success. We support you on this path with modern process development, starting with route scouting and process optimization in the laboratory, flow chemistry and mini-plant equipment.

Analytical Services

We offer a wide range of analysis methods, techniques and knowledge. We support your product development from the laboratory through pilot scale to commercial production and ensure successful and efficient scale-up. Our team of over 40+ highly qualified experts use the latest equipment to quickly take care of your analytical requirements.

Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis is defined as the one-time production of small quantities as part of a development and research process. We deliver small-scale manufacturing (ranging from 10 kg to several tons) of innovative intermediate products, with seamless transfer of your project from the bench, via our kilolab, to pilot scale. Synthesizing first quantities in advanced multi-purpose facilities and supplying you with high-quality materials is one of our core capabilities. The corresponding detailed reports help to transfer the knowledge either to our customers or within the WeylChem group to the next level.

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