WeylClean® FeONIX


Bleaching stains without bleach

WeylClean® FeONIX is a revolutionary stain bleaching catalyst for liquid laundry formulations. It does not require any traditional bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide. WeylClean® FeONIX functions using oxygen from the air and the components of the stains themselves, to cause stain bleaching without bleach.

WeyClean® FeONIX is especially suited to remove difficult to treat, oil-containing food stains such as tomato sauce, curry or baby food. It does not cause fiber or color damage and be easily incorporated into existing laundry formulations.

Stain bleaching in liquid laundry formulations
Acts on hard-to-treat stains such as tomato-in-oil, curry and baby food
Works at low temperatures
  • Home Care:
    • Fabric Care
      • Laundry Detergents
        • Liquid


WeylClean® FeONIX




 478945 - 46 - 9


Yellow powder

Active content %


Recommended usage level (mg/dose)

12 – 36

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