WeylCare® CetylP


High-end emulsifying with a velvety feel

WeylCare® CetylP is a versatile, highly effective, oil-in-water emulsifier, offering outstanding stability in a broad range of applications. It delivers powerful emulsification for formulations with high loads of emollients, UV filters and pigments.

WeylCare® CetylP is of natural origin (Natural Origin Index 1), COSMOS approved, EO-and halogen-free and has a low irritation potential. Plus, it provides moisturization for a pleasant skin feel.

Flexible-to-use O/W-emulsifier for all applications from rich creams to sprayable lotions
Suitable for high loads of emollients, UV filters and pigments
Made from mass-balanced palm-based materials, derived natural with NOI=1.0 according to ISO 16128


  • Conditioning
  • Styling


  • Shower & bath products
  • Adolescent cleaning
  • Baby/Kids Cleansing
  • Body & hand care
  • Baby care


  • Cleansing
  • Care
  • Color cosmetics


  • Sun protection
  • After sun care

Antiperspirant, deodorant & oral

  • Antiperspirant
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste


WeylCare® CetylP


Anionic O/W-emulsifier (HLB of 9.6)

INCI Potassium Cetyl Phosphate


White to off-white powder

pH range (1% aq. solution)

6.5 - 8.5

Recommended usage level (%)

0.5 - 5% w/w

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