CAS Number: 345260-48-2
Empirical formula: (C3H6O)nH2O
Chemical name: 1,3-poly-propanediol; po3g

Sensatis Bioboost - 100% biobased polyol

Sensatis Bioboost is a 100% biobased polyol (poly 1,3-propanediol) with exceptional SPF boosting film forming characteristics in Sunscreen formulations. To showcase these features we have incorporated it in two innovative sunscreen formulations.


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Oil-Free Sunscreen


SPF 30 Light Whipped Sunscreen


Truly oil-free sunscreen yet providing exemplary moisturization from the high level of Propanediol.  Dry to the touch without being draggy.  In-vitro SPF boosted by 50% using Sensatis® Bioboost film former to create a more consistent layer of sunscreen active on the skin.  100% biobased formulation.  Innovative combination of water-dispersible titanium dioxide for UVB protection supplemented by a small amount of UVA-attenuating titanium dioxide to achieve a Critical  Pleasing whipped texture engineered through an optimized combination of biopolymers creating a polymer microgel structure. The combination of organic sunscreen actives has an expected SPF of 14.9 using the DSM Sunscreen Optimizer software model.  Without the biobased SPF-boosting film former Sensatis® Bioboost, the in-vitro SPF is 17.3, close to the expected SPF.  With 5% of Sensatis® Bioboost, the in-vitro SPF jumps to 34.5, nearly doubling the value.


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