Glyoxo HighPure 50

CAS Number: 298-12-4
Empirical formula: C2H2O3
Weight: 74

Your essential ingredient

Glyoxo HighPure 50 is a high-performance semi-permanent hair straightener, removing the toxicity associated with formulations featuring formaldehyde, traditionally used in hair-care.


Glyoxylic Acid reacts with the amino groups present in Keratin, delivering a straightening effect without damaging hair or irritating skin. It gives your customers a semi-permanent smooth look and feel for a longer period of time.

It also allows you to leverage the “Free-of-Glyoxal” grade for cosmetics regulations in your formulations, creating higher-performing and more consumer-friendly products.


GLYOXO HighPure 50


Glyoxylic Acid 50 % (aqueous solution)

CAS no.

298 – 12 – 4



EC no.

206 - 058 - 5

Registration no.

01 – 2119487011 – 47 – 0000

Molecular weight (g/mol)



Clear, colorless liquid

Relative density

1.310 - 1.330

Glyoxylic Acid assay (%)

49.5 - 50.5

Glyoxal content


Total acidity (eq / kg)


Nitric Acid (%)


Oxalic Acid (%)


Color (APHA scale)








Heavy Metals

<10ppm (individual analysis available on request)

Standard Packaging = 35 and 250 Kg
Net drum / 1200 Kg IBC

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