New bleach activator meets Ecocert criteria


WeylChem: New bleach activator meets Ecocert criteria

WeylChem Group has developed a new bleach activator that meets the Ecocert criteria for detergents and cleaning agents. The product, marketed under the brand name Peractive® AC White Eco, does not contain any polymers that the EU classifies as microplastics and is easily biodegradable. It is produced in a solvent-free manufacturing process with water as the only by-product.

The use of Peractive® AC White ECO enables brand owners to have their own products certified according to the Ecocert standard. This certification considers aspects such as the use of organic ingredients, sustainable production and manufacturing processes and the use of environmentally friendly chemicals.

This new granulate complements the existing portfolio of Peractive® TAED bleach activators, which, in combination with sodium percarbonate (SPC) or H2O2, remove bleachable stains from laundry and dishes at temperatures of 30 to 40 °C. By producing peroxyacetic acid, they contribute to a very high level of hygiene. Their low toxicological and ecotoxicological profile also makes them particularly safe for consumers and the environment.

“Our broad range of TAED products delivers cleanliness and hygiene for a wide variety of customer needs, including individual requirements, in the consumer goods and institutional sectors,” says Konstanze Mayer, Head of Business Development for Care Chemicals at WeylChem. “Examples are special products for low-temperature washing, and colored granules for optical effects in the detergent. The new variant also now allows certification according to one of the best-known ecolabels. This helps our customers meet the growing demand for particularly sustainable products. Further environmentally friendly products are already in our R&D pipeline.”


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