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WeylChem acquires INEOS Sulphur Chemicals Spain from INEOS Enterprises

WeylChem Group of Companies is becoming one of Europe’s leading players in sulfur chemicals. As a complement to its existing sulfuric acid plant in northern France, the group has now acquired INEOS Sulphur Chemicals Spain S.L.U., Spain’s number-one merchant producer of sulfuric acid, from INEOS Enterprises. The company will operate under the name WeylChem Bilbao S.L.U. in future.  

This company’s highly modern plant in Bilbao employs around 50 people and has an annual capacity of 350 kt of sulfuric acid, derived from the sulfur burning process. It also offers its customers oleum and molten sulfur. The transaction is effective immediately. 

According to WeylChem’s President, Uwe Brunk, the two production facilities will have a strong combined sales, distribution  and  logistics  setup  going  forward.  Other areas of co-operation will include joint purchasing of raw materials and services, EH&S, and engineering, as well as optimization of the supply chain in the region. 

“This acquisition underlines our commitment to bolstering our position as a strategic partner in advanced intermediates and reagents based on our strong manufacturing expertise, technical reliability and on-time production,” comments Uwe Brunk. “WeylChem Bilbao and our French operations at WeylChem Lamotte complement each other perfectly. This combined business will be an agile, customer-focused player with superior services and reliable delivery provided to demanding customers across Europe on a large scale.” 

“I am very pleased to have completed the sale of the INEOS Sulphur Chemicals business, which now becomes part of a strategic business unit within International Chemical Investors Group,” said Ashley Reed, CEO of INEOS Enterprises. “The business is an attractive addition to WeylChem’s advanced intermediates and reagents portfolio that will help secure future development and growth to meet customer needs in Europe.” 

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