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Product Launch: WeylCare® ATBS C

At WeylChem, we want to use our expertise to support everyone in their efforts to stay safe and healthy. Therefore, we have launched a new version of our thickener for hand sanitizers.

WeylCare® ATBS C is tailor-made for hand sanitizer formulations. It is ready-to-use, provides clear gels even with high loads of alcohol and delivers an exceptionally light skin feeling with a silky-cool touch.

High tolerance towards water soluble organic solvents

WeylCare® ATBS C is especially suited for high amounts of organic solvents, like alcohols, and forms clear gels:

WeylCare® ATBS C_Viscosity Profile

Hand disinfection properties

Tests according to EN 1500 prove the disinfecting performance of hand sanitizer formulations consisting of WeylCare® ATBS C, Alcohol and water.

Topline results

0.7 % ATBS C

78.7 % Ethanol
20.6 % Water

EN 1500 Passed

WeylCare® ATBS C at a glance                                                                                                               

  • Viscosity modifier for hand sanitizers
  • Forms transparent gels
  • Thickens high amounts of alcohols
  • Excellent sensory feel; silky, light, cool and non-sticky

Clear gel with a silky-cool touch

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