WeylChem US to launch online Grignards reagent store, sourced by the Elgin, SC Facility

WeylChem US Inc., a provider of custom manufacturing and tolling services, as well as advanced intermediates and reagents, is now selling Grignard reagents in small sample quantities through its online store.  WeylChem US Inc. aims to better serve the research and development market by providing small scale volumes in addition to its current bulk manufacturing of Grignard reagents. 

Visit the online store to make your first purchase at https://weylchem-u-s-inc-grignards.myshopify.com/

If you require a different Grignard to those in the online store please send us an enquiry at our Grignards website, under the “contact us” link at http://www.weylchem.com/grignard-reagents.html

About WeylChem Group of Companies: 
WeylChem US is part of WeylChem Group of Companies, the fine chemicals platform of International Chemicals Investors Group. With eleven companies in Europe and North America, WeylChem Group of Companies employs 1970 people. The Group is a global leader in custom manufacturing of specialty chemicals and supplies its customers with a wide range of advanced intermediates and reagents for diverse applications.



Commercial Director WeylChem US: Rob Harpum rob.harpum@weylchem.com
Product Manager: Erika Moseley erika.moseley@weylchem.com

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