Hostapur® SAS

The degreasing classic: strong and mild at once


Hostapur® SAS is an anionic, biodegradable surfactant for the detergent, chemical-technical and cosmetic industries, based on secondary alkane sulphonate sodium salt. Its marked surface-active properties and favorable physiological behavior make Hostapur® SAS a versatile surfactant. Hostapur® SAS is produced by sulphoxidation of n-paraffi n by the Hoechst light/water process. Hostapur® SAS is an environmentally friendly surfactant with very good biodegradability, toxicological/ ecotoxicological profi le and dermatological behavior.


  • Strong grease removal
  • Excellent wetting & emulsifying properties
  • Good particle soil removal
  • Tolerance towards hard water
  • Stability across a wide pH range and high compatibility with enzymes, electrolytes and oxidizing agents, like chlorine
  • Viscosity depressing action
  • Benzene and ethylene oxide free
  • Good skin compatibility
  • Low aquatic toxicity with less impact on the environment
Technical Profile
  • Chemical Name: Sulfonic acids, C14-17-sec-alkane, sodium salts
  • Available in liquid, paste as well as in pellet and granular form
  • Color: Colorless to yellowish
  • Compatible with all other detergent ingredients
  • Permits universal processing in all fi elds of use
Application Areas

Home Care:

  • Manual Dishwashing
  • Hard Surface Cleaning

Fabric Care:

  • Laundry Detergents
  • Special Detergents
  • Laundry Aids


  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Institutional Cleaner
Commercially available grades

Hostapur® SAS 30
Active Content: approx. 30%
Appearance (25 °C): clear faintly yellowish liquid

Hostapur® SAS 60
Active Content: approx. 60%
Appearance (25 °C): yellowish soft paste

Hostapur® SAS 93
Active Content: approx. 93%
Appearance (25 °C): yellowish waxy pellets

Hostapur® SAS 93 G
Active Content: approx. 93%
Appearance (25 °C): yellowish fi ne granules