Dr. Frank Wegener

Frank Wegener

President WeylChem Group of Companies

‘Achieving more’ – we can only speak of this when we provide our customers with a competitive edge. And this edge begins with us: Providing more with less effort. It means, for example, improving our processes to be able to compensate cost increases through inflation and other factors. ‘Achieving more’ needs to be part of our culture of challenging the present status. ‘Better chemistry’ is part of this, because we primarily supply chemistry to our customers. However, it concerns much more than just molecules. ‘Chemistry’ for the customer means chemicals at the right time, with the right specification, in the right quantity, safely transported, with the right documentation and support – and all this at a competitive price.

Since we are primarily a custom manufacturer, the ‘innovativeness’ of the development process also plays a role. We can fulfill all these aspects of ‘better chemistry’ by living the culture of ‘achieving more’ daily, and by offering enhanced value – that is what the customer pays us for, because it is only with added value that they can gain an edge in the market. The better we demonstrate that we are superior to our competitors, the more value we generate. I demand of myself that I also contribute to our goals by being a role model for ‘achieving more’