Erika Moseley

Erika Krueger

Product Manager, WeylChem USA

When talking about value creation, we tend to focus on margins, prices and profits. And rightly so, because these aspects are an important part of our daily work at WeylChem. Nevertheless, we view value creation not only as a financial factor, but in a larger context. For us, being part of our customers' value chain also means deeply understanding their goals and products and furthering their development with our expertise and innovative spirit. Understanding the markets, the workflow, and our customers’ competitors becomes ever more crucial in supporting them with unique services and products. Shifting our focus in this way helps persuade occasional customers to become longtime partners.

Developing better chemistry is our aim – which also includes the human chemistry between WeylChem and our customers. We work as closely together as possible with our clients, host joint brainstorming sessions, provide one specific contact person for each project, and accompany the entire life cycle of a product - even beyond its market maturity.