The Team

People are the heart of our business and fundamental to our success
Antti Koivisto

Head of Sales & Marketing, Advanced Intermediates

+49 69 4109 2361

Stankovic, Dejan
Dejan Stankovic

Sales Manager South-East-Europe & Middle East

+49 69 506 820 2586

Möller, Jörg
Jörg Möller

Sales Manager Benelux, UKIRE & Nordics

+49 172 529 12 75

Schlueter, Axel
Axel Schlüter

Sales & New Business Development Manager EU & Asia

+49 69 506 820 2285

Dr. Badine, Michael
Dr. Michael Badine

Technical Marketing Manager

+49 69 506 820 2584

Lachmann, Dieter
Dieter Lachmann

Business & Product Manager WeylChem Höchst VP3, Phenothiazine

+49 69 506 820 2253

Dr. Bensa, David
Dr. David Bensa

Business & Product Manager Brominated Compounds

+33 3 89 38 46 44

Margat, Elisabeth
Elisabeth Margat

Business & Product Manager WeylChem Lamotte, C2 chemistry

Dr. Mielke, Karsten
Dr. Karsten Mielke

Senior Business Manager Oxidized Products WeylChem Höchst & CBW, Allessan CAP

+49 69 4109 2685

Flessner, Hendrik
Hendrik Fleßner

Global Business Manager Velvetol & Sensartis

+49 69 506 820 2643

Dr. Chartroux, Christine
Dr. Christine Chartroux

Key Account Manager New Markets & New Applications

Dr. Wehner, Mark
Dr. Mark Wehner

Key Account Manager Agro, PH, Cosm., Electr., Energy & New Segments

+49 69 4109 2406

Medwid, Diane
Diane Medwid

Director, Sales and New Business Development Americas

+1 803 420 1014

Dr. Kanellakopoulos, Johannes
Dr. Johannes Kanellakopoulos

Head of Marketing & Sales, Custom Manufacturing

Rudolph, Diana
Diana Rudolph

Platform Manager Agro & Biocides

+49 69 506 820 2327

Dr. Missio, Andrea
Dr. Andrea Missio

Platform Manager New Segments & Business Intelligence

+49 69 506 820 2608

Dr. Beinhoff, Matthias
Dr. Matthias Beinhoff

Platform Manager Ligands, Catalysts & Polymers

Knieb, Andreas
Andreas Knieb

Key Account Manager Polymers, Ligands, Coatings & Pigments

+49 69 4109 2384

Peres, Eliana
Eliana Peres

Key Account Manager Polymers, Ligands, Coatings & Pigments

+33 3 44 85 38 23

Dr. Hübsch, Thomas
Dr. Thomas Hübsch

Key Account Manager

+49 69 4109 2250

Dr. Chartroux, Christine
Dr. Christine Chartroux

Team-Lead Key Account Manager Agro, Pharma, Cosm., Electr., Energy & New Segments

Dr. Wehner, Mark
Dr. Mark Wehner

Key Account Manager Agro, Pharma, Cosm., Electr., Energy & New Segments

+49 69 4109 2406

Bredlo, Lars
Lars Bredlo

Key Account Manager Agro, Pharma, Cosm., Electr., Energy & New Segments

+49 162 572 4305

Jean-Marie Rosset
Dr. Jean-Marie Rosset

Head Platform Pharma

Medwid, Diane
Diane Medwid

Director, Sales and New Business Development Americas

+1 803 420 1014

Young, Cameron
Cameron Young

Sales and New Business Development Manager Americas

Digici, Can
Can Digici

Sales Director Consumer Care

+49 611 962 5602

Schäfer, Nina
Nina Schäfer

Global Sales Manager Personal Care

+49 611 962 5642

Viel, Bastian
Bastian Viel

Head of Global Key Account Management

+49 611 962 5646

Dr. Steffen Sonnenberg
Dr. Steffen Sonnenberg

Managing Director

Dr. Christoph Naumann
Dr. Christoph Naumann

Head of Marketing & Sales

Dr. Björn Gebhardt
Dr. Björn Gebhardt

Head of Custom Synthesis

Dr. Dirk H. Erdmann
Dr. Dirk H. Erdmann

Head of Business Unit Analytics

+49 69 4109 2418

Dr. Matthias Vögler
Dr. Matthias Vögler

Head of Contract Development

Partzsch, Steffen
Dr. Steffen Partzsch

Commercial Director Marketing & Sales

Dr. Ralf Findeis
Dr. Ralf Findeis

Business Director Marketing & Sales

+49 69 305 15385

Dr. Uwe Brunk

President WeylChem Group of Companies & Managing Director WeylChem Holding SA

With 30+ years of experience, Dr. Brunk has worked in production, strategic planning, marketing and sales. He held senior leadership positions at Bayer Chemicals, CABB Group and Saltigo before joining WeylChem in 2018.

Axel Brinkmann-Hornbogen

CFO of the WeylChem-Group

Mr. Brinkmann-Hornbogen has worked as Finance Business Partner for over 25 years. In his last role at Chemviron, he was Finance Director of Europe for more than six years where he was responsible for the Finance and Accounting of nine legal entities with ten plants and served as a member of the leadership team.

Antti Koivisto

Managing Director WeylChem International & Head of Sales and Marketing, AI & R

Mr. Koivisto started his chemical career in the UK working for BASF where he held various sales and marketing management roles. Before joining the WeylChem Group of Companies in 2017, he led Product Management in the EMEA region at Orica.

Dr. Johannes Kanellakopoulos

Managing Director WeylChem International GmbH & Head of Sales and Marketing, CMT

Beginning his career as a laboratory manager at Bayer AG, Dr. Kanellakopoulos held various positions within the company before joining BASF SE, where he took over the position of Head of Sourcing & Contracting. Before joining WeylChem, he worked for W.R. Grace as Manager of Site Services.

Maier, Andreas
Dr. Andreas Maier

Managing Director WeylChem Performance Products GmbH

Dr. Maier started his career working for Hoechst and Clariant in the fine chemicals business, which became part of WeylChem in 2007. Prior to his current position, he worked across R&D, Operations, Sales and Business Management and also leads the company's Care Chemicals Business.

Dr. Steffen Sonnenberg

Managing director of WeylChem InnoTec GmbH

With a wealth of experience in various areas of the custom manufacturing industry, including fine chemicals, nutrition, feed, and pharmaceutical ingredients, Dr. Sonnenberg has previously held leadership roles at Symrise, Bell, Sensient and Minascent.

Wolfgang Böhm

Managing Director Allessa GmbH, AllessaProduktion GmbH & WeylChem Höchst GmbH

Mr. Böhm began his professional career as an engineering project manager. Since then, he has held various management positions before being appointed as Managing Director of AllessaProduktion GmbH in 2014 and Managing Director of Allessa GmbH and WeylChem Höchst GmbH in 2017.

Dr. Volker Böhm
Dr. Volker Böhm

Managing Director Allessa, AllessaProduktion and WeylChem Höchst GmbH

After studies in chemistry and economics, Dr. Böhm built a career at BASF over 15 years which included roles in R&D, commercial operations and strategy, as well as a deployment to China. Following a subsequent assignment as Chief Business Development Officer at ASK Chemicals, he joined WeylChem as managing director of Allessa, AllessaProduktion and WeylChem Höchst in June 2021.

Gilles Zuberbuhler

Managing Director WeylChem Lamotte S.A.S

Mr. Zuberbuhler has extensive experience in leading laboratories, production, controlling, commercial support and site management with companies including Hoechst and Clariant. He is also "President of France Chimie" of Picardie Champagne Ardennes.

Mark Matheny

Managing Director WeylChem US

With extensive experience in leadership roles, Mr. Matheny worked for Georgia-Pacific Packaging Division in several finance roles and as General Manager of a corrugated box manufacturing plant. He also spent 10 years as Vice President Strategic Planning and Analysis for Novolex.

Rafael Reiser

Managing Director WeylChem Wiesbaden GmbH

Mr. Reiser has held various operational and staff positions within AkzoNobel, ENKA and CarboTech before joining WeylChem in 2011 as CEO of WeylChem Griesheim, Frankfurt and Hoechst. In late 2013, he was promoted to CEO of Allessa to restructure and lead the company.

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