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Allessa is a major European custom and toll manufacturer of fine chemicals as well as supplier of functional polymers. Our services are complemented by our own range of fine chemicals and unique performance products. We offer a broad variety of technologies and complex synthetic capabilities and can support your project throughout the lifecycle – from pilot quantities to large commercial volumes. We rely on more than a century of experience in organic chemistry and have a strong heritage in fine and unique performance chemicals.

Allessa is a member of the WeylChem Group of Companies and employes ~ 400 people.

Our Focus

Allessa is a production and development partner supporting innovative companies. Our competencies include advanced technologies complemented by a broad range of chemical capabilities. Our offer also consists of optimizing syntheses and developing innovative industrial scale processes.

1870 Foundation of Frankfurter Anilinfabrik von Gans und Leonhardt in Fechenheim
1879 The Fechenheim site Hosts the world´s largest Azo dye production plant
1925 Foundation of I.G. Farben
1952 Foundation of Cassella Farbwerke Mainkur AG
1996 Acquired by Höchst AG
1997 Foundation of Clariant AG
2001 Foundation of AllessaChemie GmbH
2004 Foundation of AllessaSyntec GmbH
2012 AllessaChemie and AllessaSyntec Team up to form Allessa GmbH
2013 Acquired by ICIG and integrated into WeylChem Group of Companies
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Wolfgang Böhm

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Phone: +49 69 4109-2270
Fax: +49 69 4109-2269

Environment, Health & Safety
  • Established EH&S management system according to ISO 9001/14001/50001.
  • Specific products under cGMP- and Cosmetic-GMP-standards.
  • Many successful audits by our customers with above average rating.
  • Proven EH&S performance with below average incident and accident rates.
  • Allessa GmbH is fully committed to the Voluntary Guidelines of EFCG/CEFIC.
  • Highest EH&S standards guarantee resource protection and reduction of ecological impacts.

Dr. Beate Pietsch
Head of EH&S
Tel.: +49 69 4109-2550
Fax: +49 69 4109-2743


Enhancing and harmonising the quality of product responsibility

The safety of our products when used responsibly and correctly is a particular concern of ours. Our products are designed to present no hazard to human beings or to the environment.

This is why we subscribe to the Global Product Strategy (GPS) and other initiatives adopted by  the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA).

The ICCA's Global Product Strategy (GPS) supports the United Nations SAICM Programme, which sets out to minimise the damage done by chemicals to human health and the environment.

The GPS initiative is designed to improve and harmonize product management in the chemical industry worldwide with a view to building up trust in the chemical industry and its products.

The GPS basically comprises four undertakings:

Basic information is to be provided on harmful properties of all substances placed on the market and the potential risks inherent in exposure to them.
This information is fed into a risk assessment procedure.
This supports smaller businesses and developing regions in bringing themselves up to the safety standard.
The results are openly reported to the general public and governments.
The intention is to narrow the gaps among developing, emerging, and industrialised countries, enhancing safety and fostering fair international competition. National and regional laws and regulations, such as REACH in Europe and CHAMP in the United States have been taken as models, thus helping achieve the worldwide goal of the GPS.

Worldwide GPS adoption will bring European businesses advantages as well:

Better health and environment protection worldwide.
Better terms of competition as a result of global standards.
Greater acceptance of the chemical industry and its products.
Positive support for regulatory plans in the form of a balance between statutory provisions and voluntary undertakings given and measures adopted by the industry.
Breaking down of trade barriers through harmonisation.


GPS Safety Summaries

Allessa GmbH is a first-rate production partner for the manufacture of fine and specialty chemicals. We want to expand and enhance this position. Compliance with statutory provisions and constant improvements in the safety and environment protection spheres are of outstanding importance in this respect and are central to our mission statement. This is the only way we can continue meeting our clients' demands in the long term. We also want to enhance out products' competitiveness by constantly developing our product management. We set great store by frank reporting and transparency in this connection. 

We openly report all relevant information on our products' entire value creation chain, including clients, suppliers and freighters, the medium for this purpose being the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 

What is more, we also publish GPS safety summaries as part of the Global Product Strategy (GPS). These are designed to give the wider public the requisite information on the use and properties of a chemical in readily comprehensible language. As a result, the members of the public can acquire the information they need and thus gain confidence in the fact that chemicals are handled safely, from production to use.

GPS Safety Summaries contain general information only and are no substitute for the technical data set out in the safety data sheets. The latter are to be consulted in a medical emergency.


Allessa GmbH operates from two production facilities in the Rhine-Main Area: Frankfurt-Fechenheim and Frankfurt-Höchst.

All of these plants look back on a long tradition in producing chemicals. This experience combined with state-of-the-art production plants and a large number of reaction types and technologies enable us to respond to a variety of customer requirements.

The Frankfurt-Fechenheim site is an industrial park operated by Allessa. Numerous companies utilize the excellent infrastructure and the comprehensive service portfolio.


Allessa GmbH
Industrial Park Fechenheim
Alt-Fechenheim 34
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Allessa GmbH
Industriepark Höchst

Brüningstraße 50
65929 Frankfurt am Main Germany

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