WeylClean® SKS-6

The performance builder for phosphate – free formulations


WeylClean® SKS-6, a layered sodium disilicate (-Na2Si2O5), is a modern water softening system which works via ion exchange processes without formation of precipitates. It shows excellent calcium and magnesium ion elimination especially at low water hardness conditions. WeylClean® SKS-6 is produced from sand and caustic soda via a spray-drying and a specially designed crystallization process. WeylClean® SKS-6 is safe for consumers and the environment and has a favourable ecological profile.


WeylClean® SKS-6 is a multifunctional ingredient and fulfills a number of tasks in the washing process:

  • Water softening, high binding capacity for Ca++ and Mg++ ions
  • High reserve alkalinity
  • Replacement for zeolite and phosphate
  • Improves primary washing effects
  • Bleach stabilizer absorbs moisture and binds heavy metals
  • High liquid absorption capacity for surfactants and polymers
  • Reduction of fabric incrustation in laundry processes
  • Prevention of glass corrosion in dishwashing processes
  • Reduces amount of sewage sludge due to solubility
Application Area

WeylClean® SKS-6 is available as free-flowing powder. In addition, a range of tailor-made, storage stable granules guarantee best performance in a wide range of applications: solid laundry and automatic dishwashing detergents, water softeners, bleach boosters, I&I applications, pulp & paper bleach, and textile industry.

Technical Profile
  • White powder, concentration approx. 100 %
  • pH: 11.4 to 12.0
  • Calcium binding capacity: min. 74 mg Ca / g
  • Compatible with all other detergent ingredients