WeylClean® PP

Excellent soil removal for liquid and powder detergents

WeylClean® PSA1, PLN1 & PLN2 are a range of soil release polymers for liquid and powder detergents. They help to remove oily and fatty soils from synthetic and mixed fibers, whilst reducing greying, protecting against re-soiling and improving the feel of blended fabrics. By forming a protective layer on the surface, they prevent dirt from sticking and penetrating into the fabrics and facilitate the dirt removal in the washing process. Additionally, WeylClean® PSA1, PLN1 & PLN2 bind the dissolved dirt particles so they cannot reattach to the fabrics, preventing greying.

WeylClean® PSA1, PLN1 & PLN2 are easy to use and can, due to an excellent compatibility with many ingredients, be incorporated into most liquid laundry or powder detergent systems.

  • Enhanced soil removal in every wash cycle
  • Maintains whiteness – white clothes stay white for longer
  • Clothing feels more breathable and comfortable – due to increased hydrophilicity of polyester fabrics
  • Compatible grades for liquid (WeylClean® PLN1 & PLN2) and powder laundry formulations (WeylClean® PSA1)
  • High long-term storage stability
Additional benefits for WeylClean® PLN2
  • Excellent soil removal at low temperatures (20°C)
  • Potential cost saving in formulations
  • Lower viscosity reduction than market benchmark
Technical profile

WeylClean® PLN1:

  • Liquid nonionic soil release polymer
  • Yellow-brown liquid
  • 70% active matter

WeylClean® PLN2:

  • Liquid nonionic soil release polymer
  • Yellow-to brown liquid, becomes waxy below 20°C
  • 75% active matter

WeylClean® PSA1:

  • Solid anionic soil release polymer
  • Off-white to yellowish solid
  • 100% active matter
  • Recommended usage level: 0,2 – 1%
Application area
  • Liquid detergents (WeylClean® PLN1, WeylClean® PLN2)
  • Powder detergents (WeylClean® PSA1)