WeylClean® MnTACN

Ultimate performance for auto dish wash – even at low temperatures


WeylClean® MnTACN is a highly efficient catalytically active metal complex, originally developed as a biomimetic to simulate active centers of enzymes. In combination with H2O2 or persalt it boosts various oxidation reactions in automatic dishwashing processes. It clearly outperforms tetraacetylethylene-diamine (TAED) in the temperature range below 60 °C. Being a true catalyst, it is used in very low concentrations and saves valuable formulation space.

  • Removes tea, coffee and fruit stains at low temperatures (Figure 1)
  • Supports amylases in starch degradation processes
  • Supresses silver tarnishing by oxidation of sulphur-containing food residues
  • Very low usage levels: 0.01 – 004 % (Figure 2)
  • Compatible with enzymes and p-free builder systems
Triple Action Power in ADW
  • Clean tea cups at 40 °C
  • Protection of silver surfaces
  • Improved rice starch removal
Technical Profile
  • Free-flowing orange-red crystals
  • Chemical name: Manganesetrimethyl -1,4,7- triazacyclononane complex
  • Active content: > 98 %  Optimum pH for best performance 10.3 to 10.5
  • Compatible with most ADW ingredients
  • Best storage stability in neutral or slightly alkaline detergent environment
  • Important remark: WeylClean® MnTACN is designed for use in ADW applications. In laundry processes fabric damage can not be ruled out

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