WeylClean® FDO X

Ultimate performance and hygiene for auto dish wash


WeylClean® FDO X combines two active ingredients, the powerful bleach catalyst (MnTACN) for tea stain removal and the well-known bleach activator tetraacetylethylene diamine (TAED) in one specially designed granular particle.

In combination with persalts, WeylClean® FDO X leads at low temperatures to improved cleaning performance and hygiene action in automatic dishwashing (ADW) cycles.

Characteristics MnTACN and TAED
  • Offers superior tea stain removal at 40 to 60 °C (verifi ed in consumer tests)
  • Supports amylases in starch degradation processes
  • Suppresses silver tarnishing by oxidation of Sulphur containing food residues
  • Provides hygienically clean dishes (action based on peracetic acid)
  • Reduces staining of plastic surfaces (dye transfer inhibition)
  • Removes malodor from dishwashing machines
Technical Profile
  • Free- fl owing pink granules (spherical shape)
  • Active content (approx.): 2% MnTACN; 75% TAED; binder
  • Typical use level in ADW: 1–2%
  • Optimum pH for best performance: 10.3–10.5
  • Compatible with most other ADW ingredients
  • Best storage stability in neutral or slightly alkaline detergent environment
Application Areas
  • ADW tablets and powder
  • Ware washing
  • WeylClean® FDO X should not be used in laundry applications, as fabric damage cannot be ruled out