WeylClean® CC

Low temperature bleaching and hygiene

The market has an increasing demand for excellent bleaching performance at low temperatures due to a growing customer focus on sustainable solutions.

WeylClean® CC is a bleach catalyst, which combines excellent bleaching power with hygiene at temperatures as low as 15 °C. As a metal free oxygen transfer agent, WeylClean® CC acts catalytically and is therefore effective at low concentrations. WeylClean® CC is extremely versatile as the active oxygen can be generated in situ from three different precursor systems:  TAED /sodium percarbonate, TAED/ H2O2 or solely H2O2 at high pH. WeylClean® CC can be used in many application areas in Home Care, I&I and industrial applications.


  • Improved stain removal at low temperatures (15 to 40 °C)
  • Bleach performance comparable to chlorine bleach but odor-free
  • Additional hygiene at low temperatures
  • Low usage concentration
  • Safe to handle
  • Acceptable level of fabric and dye damage
Product Description


  • Yellow powder with min. 98% active content
  • Yellow granules with 10 or alternatively 30% active bleach catalyst

Optimum pH for best performance can be achieved by choosing the precursor/oxidant system

Recommended usage level: 0.1– 0.3% in combination with 2 to 5% TAED and 5 to 10% sodium percarbonate

Catalytic Cicle

Application Areas

Application Areas

Further application areas in industrial bleaching and Personal Care.