At WeylChem, we recognize that Quality, Safety, Health and protection of the Environment are essential to a sustainable growth.

Safety is an integral part of our strategy

In the upcoming years, WeylChem will demonstrate an unprecedented safety record. To reach our target we have a dedicated team of HSE experts driving our safety culture. The WGC Lost Time Accident Rate has decreased by 39% since 2012. A similar trend has been observed for the Reportable Incident Rate.

We treat the Health and Safety of our personnel, customers, contractors and the community at large, as well as protection of the environment, as a priority, which is integrated into our management policy. This policy applies to all of our industrial activities and commercial transactions.

Moreover, WeylChem strives to constantly increase its customers’ satisfaction by providing high quality products and services. WeylChem has set up management systems which comply with this policy.

WeylChem is committed to the principles of Responsible Care® as well as the Voluntary Guidelines for Manufacturing of ISO-regulated Fine Chemical Intermediates and Active Ingredients of the Agrochemical & Intermediates Manufacturers in Europe (AIME), a sub-group of the European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG).

All the production sites are ISO9001 certified; several sites also have the ISO14001 certification.

WGC Annual Safety Performance* 2012 – 2015

WGC Annual Safety Performance* 2012 – 2015


REACH (the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) is the European Chemicals Regulation which regulates the handling of chemical substances either on their own, in preparations or in articles, and covers all chemical substances.

WeylChem has a team of REACH experts present on the different sites that will work with its customers to ensure a full compliance with the requirements of REACH. In addition, WeylChem has pre-registered the current range of Advanced Intermediates and Reagents and intends to register these Intermediates and Reagents according to the REACH requirements.