Philippe Robin explains in his interview with SOCMA the details about the organizational change he has put into motion at the Elgin, SC manufacturing facility.

WeylChem orientates itself towards growth. Interview with Frank Wegener in the February issue of German CHEManager.

The R&D Team at WeylChem Frankfurt and Allessa compiled and updated an article in ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry.

Peter Talbiersky promotes our new product: biobased Polypropanediol PO3G.

Feature extract from WeylChem´s Value Chain Expansion; Andrea Missio shows how the firm has been moving back and forth along the supply chain. To read the full article click here.

Large-scale, multi-step, multi-site chemical manufacturing: A new model for CMOs. Dr. Andrea Missio shows how WeylChem has integrated multiple sites into a single model