Performance Products

The area of Performance Products is an important part of our portfolio. We have two main product lines; Energy storage and Fluorinated performance products.

Energy Storage

Ammonia Borane

Ammonia Borane is a chemical compound which is approximately 20% hydrogen by weight, having the chemical formula NH3BH3. This colorless solid is a simple boron-nitrogen-hydride compound and has attracted a lot of attention as a source of hydrogen fuel. WeylChem’s proprietary process is the world’s only available source of high-purity ammonia borane. We will work with you to address specific challenges whether it is related to use in fuel cell applications or other applications in the material industry.


  • Purity – 99%
  • White, crystalline solid material
  • Stable for weeks at temperature < 60°C


  • Use in portable fuel cell market
  • Military applications due to high hydrogen density
  • Use as an additive to satellite and missile propellants
  • Applications in the electronic industry for electro-less plating of copper wiring and radiation shielding
  • Excellent reducing agent for high value chemical synthesis. Ammonia Borane is a more effective substitute for existing borane components used in pharmaceutical synthesis
  • Excellent precursor to produce boron nitride (BN) and BN composites, BN nanotubes and BN spheres
  • Feedstock for the production of borazine and its polymers, which can be used as an alternative to BCl3 as a precursor for BN, SiBN and BCN coatings
    Composite materials for aircraft brakes
  • Semi-conductor doping

Quantity Availability

50 gm. to multi ton

Fluorinated Performance Products

Miteni produces a range of fluorinated and perfluorinated products. These products are used for:

  • Additives for polymers, coatings, and electronics
  • Inert & thermal fluids
  • Building blocks
  • Waxes
  • Solvents
  • Surface treatment

In many applications they exert their effect on the surface tension of the medium and, compared to non-fluorinated chemicals, these products are more effective also at very low concentration.

Moreover, when used for surface treatment or enhancing, fluorinated compounds combine water repellence - typical of silicon-based products - with oil repellence properties.

A preferred area of application is electronics. This is the field where the characteristics of our products - thermal stability, dielectric properties, chemical inertia, low toxicity and absence of residues after evaporation - are best exploited.

Furthermore an important niche application is in polycarbonates where they are used as flame retardant.


Polyfluoroxylene derivatives

1,3-hexafluoroxylene (HFMX) is a clear colourless liquid and it is a stable and non-corrosive compound. It is widely used as a solvent and cleaning agent in applications for electronic industry. It provides excellent physical properties, such as high solvency and water insolubility.

Pyridine Hydrofluoride (70% HF)

Pyridine Hydrofluoride (70% HF) (also known as Olah’s Reagent) is a convenient form of Hydrogen Fluoride, with main application in pharmaceutical industry and fluorine reactions like:

  • Preparation of alkyl fluorides from alcohols or alkenes
  • Preparation of acyl fluorides from acyl chlorides or anhydrides
  • Deaminative fluorination of amino-acids and arylamines
Sodium Tetrakis

Na-tetrakis is used as lipophilic additive for solvent polymeric membrane electrodes and optodes.

Perfluorinated ethers

PFE 57 is a fully fluorinated liquid cyclic ether. Due to its thermal stability and chemical inertness, it can be used in the semiconductor and electronic industries, as a cleaning agent, and for heat transfer applications. PFE 57 can find also application as a solvent for fluoropolymers, in lubricants for electronics and automotive industries.

Perfluorobutane sulfonic acid
potassium salt (KPBS)

With the commercial name RM 65, Weylchem Miteni’s KPBS is a very effective flame retardant for polycarbonate. It shows high efficiency at very low concentration and excellent thermal stability, with a negligible weight loss up to 400 °C. Due to its properties and low percentage of utilization, usually below 0.1 %, RM 65 does not affect the chemical and physical characteristics of PC, such as visual aspect and optical brightness. Therefore it is particularly suitable for the use in transparent and pigmented PC. For these characteristics, RM 65 is widely used as a valid alternative to the traditional brominated additives.

Fluorinated alcohols

RM 620 and RM 610 are respectively a C6 and C4 fluorinated alcohols, developed as a chain modifier of polymers for water and solvent based coating systems, to enhance surface properties. When used as a building block, these products improve the final properties for textile, concrete, paper and leather coatings in terms of:

  • Surface tension
  • Oil and water repellency
  • Thermal and chemical stability
  • Ageing and weatherability
  • Rheology (lower viscosity at higher solid content)
Fluoroalkyl silanes

RM 720 and RM 710 are respectively a C6 and C4 fluorinated alkyl silanes, that bond with a wide range of surfaces, thereby creating a super-hydrophobic effect. Surfaces treated with a thin coating of RM 720 show a very high stability over time, even at different pH, environmental and handling conditions. Fluoroalkyl silanes are recommended for the following applications:

  • Hydrophobic and olephobic treatment of glass
  • Anti-stain treatment of natural stones
  • Anti-stain treatment of wood, cellulose, skins, cotton, leather and ceramics
  • Anti-corrosion surface coating for metals.

Miteni has a deep know-how of fluorine chemistry developed in more than 50 years of activity and is specialized in the production and handling of perfluorinated and fluorinated compounds as well as HF. The company can offer unique technologies, such as electrofluorination and has the capacity to develop targeted and specialized products for high tech application, also on customer demand.


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