Halex production


Successful start of Halex production at WeylChem in Frankfurt

The WeylChem Group's new HALEX plant in Frankfurt-Fechenheim has delivered the first quantities of a special fluoroaromatic compound.

Halogen exchange technology is based on potassium fluoride, enabling the production of complex chemical intermediates in high purity for a wide variety of industries. In addition to traditional target industries such as Agro and Pharma, this also includes other industries such as Coatings or Electronics.

The plant can produce product volumes from the low double-digit to the mid-triple-digit ton range. A level of automation of about 95 percent in process control ensures highly efficient, safe processes and stable quality.

“By integrating chlorination, Halex and various further processing methods, we can now offer customers a complete, flexible value chain for different, sophisticated molecules. We can also take specific requirements into account, ”says Michael Badine, Technical Marketing Manager.

Press contact:
Ulrich Gartner
c/o Gartner Communications
+49 171 56 57 953

WeylChem Halex

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