Potasse et Produits Chimiques Receives Level 1 of ISO 50001 Certificationn

Potasse et Produits Chimiques (PPC), an important energy consumer for its manufacture of chlorine and potassium by electrolysis, has chosen to lead an energy saving program. This is following PPC´s certifications: ISO 9001 quality management in 1999, ISO 14001 environmental management in 2001, and responsible care in 2007. PPC has now obtained the level 1 certification ISO 50001, which is the reference for a systematic energy management saving, from the TÜV certification body. This will not only generate significant savings on energy bills, but also promote good practice and good behavior within the company.

Indeed, this certification brings to PPC a methodology for substantial savings in energy consumption (electricity and gas). It will strive to move society towards less energy-intensive processes and educate staff to develop good practices with respect to energy.

PPC has already demonstrated its ability to meet challenges and to adapt to its environment, including embarking on the conversion of its electrolysis from mercury cell to the cleaner membrane technology. PPC chose to address with the European requirements of Best Available Technology well before the deadline.

Obtaining the Level 1 certification is only one step and the level 2 of ISO 50001 is expected within a year.

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