Diana Rudolph in Chemical Today Magazine:
Boosting agro growth globally

Diana Rudolph, Platform Manager, Agro & Biocides, WeylChem Group of Companies, delves into the business dynamics of agrochemicals & biocides industry and points out that the right balance between quality, technological know-how and cost competitiveness will be the equation of growth for the industry.

Global trends in agrochemicals & biocides industry

Diana Rudolph: One of the trends, which is not new, but is still having a major impact is - the regulatory hurdles for registration of Active Ingredients (AI) are increasing, especially in the EU. This means a reduction of registered AIs available for all applications. At the same time there is still high need for classical crop protection to allow matching offer and demand of a rising population. Furthermore, 60-70 percent of R&D spending in Agro is for seeds & traits, only 40 percent for classical crop protection. But with over 440 AIs, there is still enough market for a custom manufacturer like Weylchem. Regarding biocides, the regulatory situation is as well very strict. Biocidal products have already high regulatory hurdles in the EU and US and even for new formulations it’s getting more difficult every day. On the positive side, the demand is still increasing ~2 percent p.a. for Biocides. The investment in R&D for biopesticides is slightly increasing as well.

Agrochemicals & biocides potential in India & Asia Pacific

Diana Rudolph: India and APAC are, of course, dominating markets in terms of population and demand, using approximately 30 percent of agrochemicals as well as biocides. For Biocides, APAC region is currently the 3rd biggest market after North America and Europe but is expected to grow significantly over the next years.


By Shivani Mody

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