WeylChem Launches Three New Products at Sepawa Congress in Berlin

WeylChem´s Business Unit Consumer Care is a producer of specialty chemicals for the home and personal care market. Exhibiting at booth number B325 at Sepawa Congress in Berlin from October 18-20, 2017, WeylChem will launch its two new products in home care (WeylClean® FDO XP, SKS6® WB) and one product in personal care (WeylCare® PB) .

WeylClean® FDO XP is an extra robust bleach catalyst for automatic dish wash applications. It combines two active ingredients in a specially designed granular form and leads to a superior cleaning performance and hygiene action at low temperatures. WeylClean® FDO-XP provides the ultimate performance and hygiene for auto dish wash – extra robust.

SKS6® WB is a modern builder with enhanced water softening performance and improved handling properties. It shows excellent elimination of calcium and magnesium ions without forming precipitates. In addition, it creates a stable alkaline environment in the formulation. Customers value the good processability for powder and tablet production. SKS-6® WB is the perfect performance builder for phosphate-free formulations.

WeylCare® HexaPB, WeylCare® OctaPB and WeylCare® PhenylPB are non-ionic preservative boosters showing synergistic effects in combination with many conventional preservative systems. On top, they act as mild moisturizing agents providing a pleasant skin feel. The WeylCare® PB range is a key multifunctional ingredient especially for parabene-free Personal Care applications.

“Our goal is to bring innovative high-performance solutions to the market. We collaborate closely with our customers to support them in creating the world´s best consumer products,” says Konstanze Mayer, Head of Business Development at WeylChem Consumer Care. “In 2018 we will further expand our portfolio to include soil release polymers for solid and liquid laundry care applications delivering superior spotlessness and whiteness of fabrics for the end consumer,” she adds.

About WeylChem Group of Companies:
WeylChem Group of Companies Consumer Care develops products and solutions for the Home and Personal Care market out of its two locations in Germany and US. We are a new supplier with a specialized product range consisting of surfactants, bleach activators, emulsifiers, rheology modifiers and actives. Our people continuously enhance our product portfolio with new developments and applications. Due to our broad scientific and technological expertise combined with large-scale chemical production units, we add value to our customer’s products and formulations.

Our promise to you is: Better chemistry – achieving more.

WeylChem Group of Companies is the fine chemicals platform of International Chemical Investors Group operating ten companies in Europe and USA serving a broad range of markets.



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