WeylChem US turns 50!

WeylChem U.S. Inc. in Elgin, South Carolina is proud to announce its 50th Anniversary!  The facility in Elgin opened its doors in 1967 as Hardwicke Chemicals.  Now, as of 2007, the site is a member of the WeylChem Group of Companies, celebrating 10 years under the ownership of ICIG.  It is such a joy for the site to celebrate these two very important milestones!

To commend the employees and their supporting families, a committee comprised of members from different departments of the site have planned a two day event to celebrate on Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th.  The Friday event will consist of family members coming on-site for the employees to show them their workplace and to show them the ins and outs of a chemical plant.  Guests will enjoy tours of the facility, learn about at home chemistry projects to do with their children, enjoy refreshments, and receive goodie bags for all children upon leaving the site. 

The site will also host a Ground Breaking Ceremony for local officials, including the Governor of South Carolina, to celebrate the $13 million investment in 2017 on this Friday. 

On Saturday, May 20th, employees and their families will enjoy an all-day celebration that includes bounce houses, arts and crafts, trivia and bingo, carnival games, face painting, food truck lunches, a DJ, a live band in the evening, casino tables for the adults, a catered dinner, and much more!

CEO of WeylChem U.S., Philippe Robin states, “I look forward to share this event with our families and our community representatives. This will be a great opportunity to present our work environment, speak about our projects and have fun all together.”

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