PPC - Your partner and supplier of Brominated Compounds

PPC manufactures fine and specialty chemicals for more than 200 years at its plant located in Thann, France, close to the Swiss and German borders. PPC has several chemical facilities and production lines, a research center for innovative development and a pilot plant. These assets allow PPC teams to develop new molecules from small production to commercial scale. The plant is ISO 9001, 50001 and 14001 certified and is a signatory member to the Responsible Care® Global Charter.

PPC is renowned for the synthesis of organic compounds based on bromination, hydrobromination halogenation and trans-halogenation. As a member of the WeylChem Group of Companies, PPC is involved in multi-site custom manufacturing projects providing a wide range of key complementary technologies belonging to the n+x advantageTM offering of WeylChem.  PPC and WeylChem can support you in the development of new products, intermediates and reagents with synthesis, process development and analytical support. PPC also manufactures hydrobromic acid gas (HBr) which has applications in electronics and special gas.

To complete our offer as a renowned supplier of brominated intermediates, PPC runs a bromine recovery facility and handles waste containing brominated residue. The recovered bromine is then used in the production of our brominated derivatives. The site also provides extended bromine recovery services from customer’s process streams, thereby contributing to a sustainable management of resources reducing costs and the impact on the environment.

Our promise to you is: „Better chemistry – achieving more.“


Dr. David Bensa
Product Manager Fine Chemicals & Brominated Products

Potasse et Produits Chimiques SAS
95 rue du Général de Gaulle
68802 Thann Cedex
T: +33 (0) 3 89 38 46 44
M: +33 (0) 787 56 53 07
E: david.bensa@weylchem.com



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