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Allessan® Protacryl B15

Allessan® Protacryl B15 is a ready mixed solution for shortstopping of polymerizations of vinyl-monomers. It is used to stop the unintended premature polymerization of acryl acid and derivatives in storage tanks immediately.

Allessan® Protacryl B15 is a solution of Phenothiazine in Diethylene glycol ethers with a content of 15% Phenothiazine. Solutions are stable at temperature down to – 20 °C without precipitation or undue increase in viscosity. It is easy and efficiently to use as shortstop agent in case of runaway polymerization. It also causes lower enthalpy by mixing with acrylic monomers than NMP solution. Furthermore Diethylene glycol ethers have higher flash points than acetone or ethyl acetate which are used as solvents for phenothiazine.

Allessan® Protacryl B15 at a glance:

  • Solutions are stable at temperatures down to -20°C without precipitation or undue increase in viscosity
  • Easy and efficiently to use as shortstop agent in case of runaway polymerization
  • Causes lower enthalpy by mixing with acrylic monomers than NMP solution
  • Diethylene glycolethers have higher flash points than acetone or ethyl acetate which are used as solvents for Phenothiazine.
  • Allessa GmbH has applied for a patent for these novel shortstop solutions

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Phenothiazine D Prills

Allessa is world's largest producer of phenothiazine.
Phenothiazine is a radical scavenger used as stabilizer for (among others) acrylic acid and other reactive monomers.
Intermediate in pharmaceuticals.
Phenothiazine derivatives are available upon request.

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Performance Products

Velvetol® (PO3G)

VELVETOL® is a family of high performance polyether polyols made with renewably sourced 1,3-propanediol (Susterra®). Thanks to its outstanding characteristics, it is an ideal replacement for petroleumbased ingredients and polyols, offering a multitude of advantages in various fi elds of applications without compromising functionality and increasing the renewable content of final products at the same time.

Offering exceptional performance and superior value to end-products in various markets, VELVETOL® should be your first choice for making high-performance thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), apparel and footwear, performance coatings, ink-jet inks and functional fluids.

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Sensatis H250, the shortest polymer chain of the 100% biobased polypropanediol family

  • Boosts the viscosity of oil/water (O/W) emulsions by adding only 1 weight % of Sensatis®H250
  • Sensatis® H250 provides a smooth and non-sticky after feel, which is often missing by using the common petro-based ingredients such as polyethyleneglycol (PEG) or glycerine.
  • Improve the oil drop size (1-2µm) of O/W emulsions by adding Sensatis® H250
  • Side effect: Increase shelf life of O/W emulsions to several months by adding only 1 weight % of Sensatis® H250

Outstanding characteristics:

  • 100% sustainable content
  • environmentally friendly and safe
  • bio-degradable
  • non skin irritant
  • good water solubility 
  • simplified formulations
  • side effect: preservative enhancer
  • moisturizing effects
  • enhanced sensorial properties
  • viscosity building effects
  • stabilizing effects
  • solubility promoting properties
  • photostabilizing properties
  • essential oil solvent/extractant

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Textile Performance Products
  • Allessan® T 3038
  • Allessan® SR 3044

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Pharma Intermediates & API

Allessan® CAP

Allessan®CAP is an outstanding peptide coupling and water removal reagent, offering several advantages over many other traditional but hazardous coupling reagents such as DCC (toxic), HOBt (explosive), HBTU and PyBOP.

Advantages of Allessan®CAP:

  • Safe handling – no CMR properties, non-toxic,
  • non-allergenic, non-sensitizing
  • Excellent safety profi le: high thermal stability, no decomposition
  • Broad functional group tolerance, mild reaction conditions (0 –25 °C)
  • Well established at large scale for challenging liquid phase amide / peptide coupling reactions
  • Low epimerization, no additives required
  • Excellent selectivity, high chemical and optical purity, high product purities and excellent yields
  • Easy purifi cation / work up due to water soluble ionic by-products, no need of chromatographic columns
  • Simple product isolation by liquid / liquid extraction and phase separation
  • Reduced overall process costs 
  • Long shelf life (> 36 months)
  • No special storage required

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Molsidomine (API) – Treatment of Angina pectoris

  • 1-Ethoxy-N-(3-morpholino-5-oxadiazol-3-iumyl)-methanimidate
  • Prodrug to release Nitricoxide
  • Metabolized in the liver to the active metabolite linsidomine

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  • Treatment of Alzheimers disease
  • Mainly used in medicine synthesis and as raw material for several adamantine derivatives

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Hydrogenation Products

Hydrogenation Products of the best quality.
High Quality Aromatic Amines, Cyclic Alcohols and Ketones

  • Used as intermediates or precursors for agrochemicals, dyes, pigments and pharmaceuticals.
  • Made in our large-scale hydrogenation facility at the Griesheim site.
  • Customized logistics solutions guarantee the best quality and consistent on-time delivery.
  • Close proximity to many customers and short shipping times result in high quality of sensitive products.
  • Examples of products: mono- and dichloroanilines, xylidines, substituted cyclohexanones (for a detailed list see also separate brochure).

In our large-scale hydrogenation facility at the Griesheim site we produce up to several 1000 tons per product per year using heterogeneous catalysts. Both solid and liquid products can be handled. For liquid and low-melting compounds we can distill and rectify the products to a high purity. Strict exclusion of oxygen traces guarantees stability and purity of the products.

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Other Line Products

Within the WeylChem Group of Companies we offer a broad range of advanced intermediates: