Grignard reagents

One of the world’s largest producers of custom chemicals, WeylChem US, offers the proper technical packages and production systems to reliably supply manufacturers with Grignard reagents and Grignard-derived intermediates anywhere in the world.

About our Grignard Technology

What began in the 1970’s as a strategy to produce flavorings synthetically using common Grignard reagents has expanded into industrial scale production for the manufacturing industries of the world. Today we offer commercial Grignard reagents, niche Grignard reagents, and Grignard-derived intermediates from pilot to industrial scale. If you plan to reconfigure your plant for new projects or adopt chemistries and processes that change the economics of your in-house Grignard manufacturing capability, consider the manufacturing assets, laboratory services, and decades of expertise offered by WeylChem US.

DownStream Chemistry "n+x advantage™"

With multipurpose facilities, WeylChem US is equipped to supply a wide range of multi-step chemical reactions that involve Grignard reactions. Offering commercial Grignard reagent chemistry as well as downstream chemistry, WeylChem tailors manufacturing to deliver on the promise of higher performance and value.

Our Grignards
Grignard CAS Number  Solvent Concentration
Allylmagnesium chloride 2622-05-1  THF  1-2M; 10-20% 
Benzylmagnesium chloride  6921-34-2  THF  1-2M; 15-30% 
Cyclohexylmagnesium chloride  931-51-1  THF  1-2M; 14-28% 
Ethylmagnesium bromide  925-90-6  THF  1-2M; 13-26% 
    2Me-THF  3M
Ethylmagnesium chloride 2386-64-3  THF 2-3M; 17-34%
Isobutylmagnesium bromide 926-62-5 THF 1M; 16-17%
    DBE 3M
Isobutylmagnesium chloride 1068-55-9 THF 1-2M; 12-25%
Isopropylmagnesium chloride 1068-55-9 THF 2M; 20%
Isopropylmagnesium bromide 920-39-8 THF 1M
    2Me-THF 3M
Vinylmagnesium chloride 3536-96-7 THF 2M; >17%
Methylmagnesium chloride 676-58-4 THF 3M; 22% in THF
n-Butylmagnesium chloride 693-04-9 THF 2M; 24%
Phenylmagnesium chloride 100-59-4 THF 1M; 14%
    Me-THF  2M 
t-Butylmagnesium chloride 677-22-5 THF 1-2M; 12-24%
    DBE 1.8M
4-Tolymagnesium chloride 696-61-7 THF 2M; 30%
Packaging & Solvent Options

At WeylChem US, there is currently a limited number of cylinders in our fleet. We understand that it is very important to some of our customers to have material packaged in cylinders, and we therefore try to accommodate as many orders as possible in this packaging. Please note that cylinder packaging comes on a first come, first serve basis, or we are happy to extend our cylinder fleet at a lead time and a cost. For more information regarding your inquiries, please contact Erika Moseley at

At WeylChem US, we are always evaluating new inquiries to extend our Grignard portfolio. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide custom and niche Grignard reagents to our customers. Do you have an inquiry? Fill out our inquiry form, below.

Sample prices

In comparison to other Grignard Reagents suppliers, our prices are very competitive. Below are some examples:

  Methylmagnesium Chloride
Volume 1 L
Price $150.00
Molarity Option 3M
Molarity Range 3.0-3.2
  Vinylmagnesium Chloride
Volume 1 L
Price $150.00
Molarity Option 2M
Molarity Range 1.92-2.15
  Isopropylmagnesium Chloride
Volume 1 L
Price $150.00
Molarity Option 2M
Molarity Range 2.0-2.2
  n-butylmagnesium Chloride
Volume 1 L
Price $150.00
Molarity Option 2M
Molarity Range 2.0+

All samples of Grignards in our current portfolio are $150/liter + S&H.

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