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Custom Manufacturing & Tolling

The major part of Allessa’s production is done exclusive for specific customers under strict confidentiality. 

The available business models include:

  • Toll manufacturing: Our customer owns a scaled-up process which can be transferred directly into production without major optimization.
  • Custom synthesis: Our customer owns a lab-scale or kilolab process which requires optimization and scale-up.
  • Molecule inquiries: Our customer requires a substance without owning a chemical process and relies on Allessa to find a suitable synthesis method.
  • Contracted process development for customers is available on request.

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Multipurpose Equipment

Flexible Multipurpose Plants for Complex Syntheses

  • Two pilot plants for smaller scale (50 kg to 1 ton per year), reactors up to 1 m3 volume.
  • Two midsized plants for advanced high-value products and market introduction volumes (1 ton to ca. 20 tons per year); reactors up to 5 m3 volume.
  • Four large-scale multipurpose plants for commercial volumes from 10 to 1000 tons per year and product; reactor sizes up to 30 m3 volume.
  • One large-scale production plant for line products.
  • A large-scale hydrogenation plant at our Griesheim site with capacity from 20 to 1000s of tons per year and product.
  • Total volume > 2000 m3, glass lined, stainless steel or special materials.
  • More than 200 batch reactors from 0,5 to 30 m3 volume.
R & D

Our group R&D centers in Frankfurt Fechenheim and Hoechst sites with over 30 highly qualified staff members are working on multiple projects managed by experienced PhD chemists.

Custom synthesis relies on extensive optimization to make a lab process suitable, affordable and safe for commercial scale production. The development of chemical processes in the lab and the fast and efficient scale-up to industrial scale are a core capability Allessa performs for its customers. We start our consulting services in an early stage of customer projects to achieve improvement for industrial production or propose technical relevant options.

From the laboratory and optimization stage we transfer the process to our safety labs, where the safety and scalability is secured through extensive tests and studies made in-house, for example with an RC-1-calorimeter. Finally the process is scaled-up in our pilot facilities to tens or hundreds of Kilograms before being transferred to the full-scale plants. Our development process enables us to manufacture initial and sample quantities in the desired quality fast and according to special requirements of our customers. In the course of each development stage and the start up of the production customers experts are invited to be on site. The close and trustful cooperation with our customers is an important part of our work and precondition for successful realized projects.


Our group analytical department ...maintains and operates within an integrated quality management system.

  • Approved as a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) test facility.
  • Working in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.
  • Maintaining a quality assurance system to meet ISO 9001 standards and the environmental management requirements according to ISO 14001.
  • Certified as a laboratory for waste water analysis according to the self-control directive of the German authorities.

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