Electronic Chemicals

Behind the classical silicon approach, the global interest in Organic Electronics is booming. Almost every sector of our daily life and economy is somewhat affected by this trend.

AMOLED displays for Smartphones, Tablets or large area TVs are reality. Other developments like Organic Photovoltaic, flexible display, rechargeable single-cell batteries and RFID smart labels will also be launched soon.

The transfer of lab-type organic synthesis processes is one key factor to bring this high tech application to life. WeylChem, with its AllessaTechnology unit offers the capability to carry out such complex, multi-stage chemical synthesis including all required services – giving customers an enormous competitive edge. Take advantage of our vast experience and comprehensive know-how together with a flexible, modular equipment in 100 to 5000 liter scale and excellent site infrastructure to maintain an active and competitive long-term position in the marketplace.


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