Coatings, Additives and Polymers

To meet the needs of a changing world and address the megatrends of our time, the plastic industry has to keep reinventing itself and to develop new solutions to the global challenges. The plastic industry encompasses a broad range of chemicals, from monomers, polymers, additives, and advanced intermediates.

Over the years WeylChem developed specific know-how and acquired key technologies and highly specialised assets, to provide customers with products and services ranging from speciality monomers or cross linkers (i.e. acrylates, chlorinated aromatics, crotonic acid and derivatives, allyl bromide and vinylsulfonic acid), custom polymerizations (such as suspension, emulsion, dispersion, precipitation and solution) and custom manufacturing of monomers and additives or intermediates. Among the additives we have custom manufactured are Light Stabilizers / UV Absorbers, Antioxidants, and flame retardants.

WeylChem actively contributes to value creation of its customers by developing the most advantageous solution, allowing the customer to shorten the time to market for innovations and to limit the capital expenditure by minimising investments.


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