Christine Chartroux

Head of Sales & New Business Development Fine Chemicals

Achieving more’ also applies to the lifecycle of a product. After the development and launch, a continuous improvement process begins, for example, to reduce costs. At the start, costs and prices are not usually the problem. However, over time they grow in importance and then we have to improve on typical factors such as price, delivery speed, and flexibility, so that our customers can defend or expand their market share. Achieving more also means that we demonstrate to the customer our understanding of their production goals, and that we have the expertise to improve them. However, the processes surrounding this are just as important – how we plan, how we communicate, and how we cooperate with our customers to obtain results that exceed their expectations. These are always step-by-step-processes that occur on many levels at the same time. In sales, in production as well as in logistics.

However, we must not forget one thing: WeylChem arose from a number of diverse companies that all contribute their own histories and skills. Every new project is different, and we can all learn from each other by observing what works best elsewhere in each case. This ranges from the daily working relationship, or the processing of new inquiries, through to respective customer solutions. The know-how and skills that we already possess form the basis, and from there we continue our development together, step by step.