The WeylChem Promise

"Better chemistry – achieving more" – that is the brand promise of the WeylChem Group of Companies. Here, 'more' reaches beyond a commitment. It stands for the real value we deliver to our customers and partners.

The chemical industry is faced with diverse demands and the players are faced with bigger challenges. Sticking with the standard is simply no longer enough. The winners will be companies who recognize the signs of the times – and address change with the right strategy.

We are committed to delivering more than our competitors: concrete and lasting added value that enables our customers to stake out their space in a demanding market and keep growing. It’s not just about working with our customers and partners, but also about working toward them, and bridging the gap between a problem and its solution.


At WeylChem we will always strive to deliver better Chemistry and exceed the expectations of our customers – to achieve more, mutually. Our success is also bound by human chemistry. A collaborative spirit in which colleagues, partners and customers can challenge the status quo, find sustainable solutions by connecting capabilities and challenges, and achieve rewarding levels of responsiveness. That is our approach to creating added value in fulfilling unmet needs.

Are you ready for better chemistry?




Better chemistry – achieving more

To feed our planet’s growing population, we need to use our resources in the most effective way possible. At WeylChem, we demonstrate a preference for catalyst-enhanced processes. We also implement the recycling of solvents and reagents without compromising on quality. Most importantly, however, we offer unparalleled customer proximity, leading to shorter delivery routes and lower emissions. WeylChem supports the agrochemical industry with a broad range of products and technologies, from the supply of basic raw materials to the custom and toll manufacturing of complex advanced intermediates and active ingredients.


Better chemistry – achieving more

To tackle the demands of an ever-changing world, the chemical industry must seek new solutions to the global challenges of the future. At WeylChem, we have acquired a wide range of valuable chemical expertise over the years, adopting key technologies which allow us to contribute to our customers’ quest for innovative solutions to these challenges. We accompany the complete life cycle of a product, develop and optimize processes, and make our highly specialized facilities available to our customers. This enables our customers to achieve a faster market launch of their products while limiting the allocation of valuable resources, thereby giving them a head start when it comes to innovation.


Better chemistry – achieving more

In a world of scarce resources, washing needs to be performed in an effective and efficient way. Our Home Care portfolio provides cutting-edge technology to support our customers in creating the world’s best consumer products. While developing our products we cautiously balance high performance, sustainability and costs. Through better chemistry, WeylChem markets substances with a high bleach and soil removal performance for spotless, white laundry and sparkling clean dishes. All our products support both our and our customers’ sustainability goals by working excellently at low concentrations and low washing temperatures. And ultimately we listen to the consumer, because we want them to achieve more. 


Better chemistry – achieving more

There is an endless desire for high performance Personal Care ingredients, still mild and with a pleasant touch. WeylChem is a new producer of specialty chemicals for the Personal Care market. Our broad chemical expertise, application know-how and technological knowledge enables us to improve existing Personal Care ingredients and to develop new specialties. Efficient manufacturing processes guarantee affordable products. And we see ourselves as partners of our customers. Together we are achieving more - for our customers and the end consumer.