About us

WeylChem Group of Companies was established in 2005 as the Fine Chemicals platform of International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), a privately owned industrial holding company. WeylChem Group of Companies consists of ten operating companies in four different countries across Europe and the US.

Our constant focus on the latest developments in our customers’ key markets ensures that we are always well positioned to provide the right answers – even to highly advanced and complex technical challenges. As a leading group of companies we make the utmost use of our strong synergistic potential.

We offer various products and services in two business segments:

Fine Chemicals

WeylChem is a recognized custom manufacturer that delivers exclusive products and services according to customer requirements and specifications. In addition, WeylChem offers intermediates and reagents, which are used as starting materials for various applications and markets worldwide. The Performance Products are offered for specific and niche markets.

Our spectrum of key technologies is unique in the market. They are available at many different scales, from lab samples to pilot quantities up to full industrial volume. Miteni specializes in Fluorine Chemistry; PPC in Bromine Chemistry; HydroChem Italia and PPC in Chlorine; WeylChem US in Grignard Chemistry; WeylChem Lamotte in C2 Chemistry; WeylChem Frankfurt in Oxidation and Diazo Chemistry, and Allessa in Hydrogenation.

To ensure a uniform and global marketing presence, WeylChem International is the marketing and sales organization for this business segment.

Consumer Care

WeylChem Wiesbaden and Nease are long term suppliers to the Home Care, H I & I and surfactant markets.  Our products include for example Hydrotropes, Sulfonates, acid catalysts, oxidation catalysts, bleach activators and growing number of ingredients for industrial and recently cosmetic applications. We serve the industrial markets with metal working additives, surfactants for emulsion polymerizations, adjuvants of agricultural blends as well as with surfactants and other products into the oilfield market. With our technical expertise we are able to tailor our products according to the specific needs of our partners. We constantly strive to enhance our portfolio with new developments, applications and formulas based on our expertise.

Most of our large scale products are manufactured at Nease Co.LLC in Cincinnati, OH (USA) and WeylChem Wiesbaden located near Frankfurt am Main (Germany). In addition we use WeylChem’s global know-how and manufacturing capabilities for specific products on a smaller scale.

We operate two development centers with the ability to develop new products and provide testing and application know-how. This allows us to provide better chemistries for our customers helping them to achieve their goals.


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