Personal Care

WeylChem is an experienced manufacturer of essential ingredients for the Personal Care market. Our strong development strength allows us to provide tailormade solutions for our customers.

With this offering WeylChem supports the personal care industry with innovative products and technologies from the supply of raw materials to the development of formulations in skin, body and hair care.

WeylCare® Allantoin is our essential ingredient for personal care applications. It provides the well-known, beneficial healing and soothing effect on stressed skin. WeylCare Allantoin supports the regeneration of damaged skin cells by promoting cell proliferation and modulating the inflammatory response. And due to its moisturizing properties it increases the smoothness of the skin.

Based on these benefits, the product is used in a wide range of personal care applications such as body and skin care, sun care, hair care and cosmetics.

WeylCare® HexaPB
, WeylCare® OctaPB and WeylCare® PhenylPB are non-ionic preservative boosters showing synergistic effects in combination with many conventional preservative systems. On top, they act as mild moisturizing agents providing a pleasant skin feel.

The WeylCare® PB range is a key multifunctional ingredient especially for parabene-free Personal Care applications.

WeylCare® ATBS is a strongly hydrophilic, swellable polymer known for its outstanding viscosity modifying properties over a wide pH range. Its smooth texture and moisturizing sensation on human skin are well appreciated by the customer. As formulation backbone WeylCare ATBS shows excellent stability and tolerance to most Personal Care ingredients and even exhibits emulsifying properties. And most importantly ATBS has the extraordinary touch: smooth, light and fresh.

WeylCare® ATBS is the perfect thickener for applications in skin care, body care, hair care and sun care.

WeylCare® CetylP is a versatile emulsifier suitable for the high stability needs of even the most complex oil-in-water formulations. It delivers white and stable emulsions for a wide range of applications. Plus, it provides a pleasant feel to the skin.

WeylCare® CetylP is the emulsifier for the most challenging emulsions. Its application areas include skin care, body care, sun care, make-up and o/w emulsions.