WeylChem US Inc.

WeylChem US is located in Elgin, South Carolina, 20 miles outside of the state capital Columbia. The site is close to Interstate I-20 and the vicinity to the port of Charleston allows fast import and export of materials.

WeylChem US is specialized in Grignard chemistry and offer a broad range of Grignard reagents. It benefits from the broad experience of its professionally trained employees and from its diversified technology platform. This combination is a really asset to provide efficient and economical multi-step custom and toll manufacturing.

Site Overview

Focus technologies

  • Friedel-Crafts Reactions
  • Grignard
  • Halogenation
  • Multi step synthesis
  • Ullmann coupling

Production facilities


  • Volume 850 m³
  • Size 8-37 m³
  • MoC GL, SS, Hastelloy
  • Temperature -50 to 245°C
  • Pressure 10 bar


  • MoC SS and GL
  • Trays 18
  • Temperature 235°C
  • Pressure 10 mbar vacuum

Special equipment

  • Extensive solids handling equipment
  • 3 Hastelloy Centrifuges
  • 6 Wiped-film evaporators (235°C; 1 mbar)

Pilot plant

  • Reactor size: 400- 2 500 L
  • Reactors MoC: GL, and SS
  • Temperature: -40°C to +265°C
  • Distillation trays: 20
  • Distillation MoC: GL, and SS

Special equipment:

  • HF 600 Heinkel Hastelloy Centrifuge
  • 52-70 CFTumble dryers GL and SS

Research & Development

Research & Development Labs

  • 4 Development Labs equipped with walk-in hoods
  • Bench-scale capability up to 22 liter
  • 50 Plate distillation column
  • 2” Pope wiped film evaporator
  • High pressure autoclaves
  • RC-1 with 10 bar capability


  • Gas Chromatography

FID,TCD, Mass spectrometer Purge and Trap for volatiles

  • Liquid Chromatography

UV/Vis, RI, Mass spec through USC

  • Spectroscopy


  • Miscellaneous

Potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators Color, Flash point, Melting point, DSC/TGA
Local access to NMR & LC/MS RC1 for Reaction Kinetics and Plant Safety


    Allyl Chloride, Allyl bromide, Allyl alcohol, Methyl Chloride, Vinyl Chloride, Benzyl Chloride, Benzoyl Chloride, Acetyl Chloride, Cyanuric Chloride, Trichlorosilane, Phosphorous Oxychloride, Phosphorous Trichloride, Aluminum Chloride, Thionyl Chloride, Methyl MgCl, Vinyl MgCl, BuLi Handling, CO2, HCl, HBr, Bromine, Chlorine, Vinyl Chloride, Sodium Nitrite, Phenol, Potassium Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Dimethylsulfate, Sodium Methoxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Maleic Anhydride, Carbon Disulfide.


    Dichlorobenzene, Methylene Chloride, Chloroform, Hexane, Toluene, MIBK, DMF, DMSO, THF, Diglyme.


    WeylChem Elgin is ISO 9.001 certified.


    1967Founded by Dr. James Hardwicke & Mr. Wilhelm Frings
    1978 Acquired by Ethyl Corporation
    1993Acquired by BTP (Archimica)
    2000 Acquired by Clariant
    2007Acquired by ICIG and creation of the WeylChem Group