Cedric Klumpp

Business Development Manager

Our focus is on creating value for our customers. Understanding their markets and competition landscape is the key to supporting them with customized products and services that positively influence their sales and profitability. In this respect, chemistry is at the heart of our performance. This is precisely where we need to consistently be at the highest level and exceed our own standards with new products and innovative services.

We reward the commitment and creativity of our colleagues with a virtuous circle of positive effects. By raising the value of our services and offers for our customers, our respective businesses flourish, generating new resources and nurturing our skills from which further innovations emerge. This not only increases our competitiveness, but also our profitability. Working on a daily basis with such a positive mindset is exciting and a powerful motivation. I can develop and move ideas forward with others. This is what drives the creation of a shared value among the company and its employees, but also – and most importantly – with our customers.